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Well, that was a hurricane of learning. My hope is that it mostly felt like a mild summer storm, but since I can't see your faces, you'll have to let me know.

Hard to believe 19 emails have come and gone, but that's an email-based course for you — it ends eventually.

You know what almost never ends? Work on your email-based course (gulp). It "almost never ends" because, for great internet teachers, improving the student experience is an infinite game. But hey, that's what we signed up for.

And look how far you've come!

I’d like to close with one suggestion and one request.

First, If you liked the course you should consider becoming an affiliate. It takes 1 minute to sign up and you will earn 30% commissions for every person who checks out with your link (if you sign up, I'll send you some resources on how to make the most of it).

And second, if you really want to warm my heart, you can write a testimonial. I put them on my site and they help this project grow.

That all folks!

It was really fun putting this together. I hope you enjoyed it and I can't wait to hear about your EBC.

Thanks for reading,