Total Time: ~15mins

Key Takeaways

  • Templates make things go faster

  • Self-pacing, skipping weekends, and timed delivery are the gold standard of EBC automations

  • Building self-pacing is simple but occasionally painstaking (in other words: check your work)


In the eternal words of the shiny-headed Marc Andreessen: it's time to build (your automations).

If you haven't already picked this up... I'm a bit obsessive

I tend to go a little overboard. Set me on a path and I can't help but want to see how far it goes. This has been my approach with email course automations. And in my pursuit of delivering amazing learning experiences through email, the automations were where I got the most feedback early on (better than people complaining about the content I guess!).

In this email you're going to learn about the gold standard of EBC automations. That means self-pacing, skipping weekends, and designating send times.

The video today will show you how to build the main course automations in beehiiv.

We’re going to…

  • Set up our Polls

  • Set up a basic automation template

  • Clone it a bunch of times

  • Set up the self-pacing feature

  • Update the polls

Final word of caution

Self-pacing requires some testing. It took a few months before we’d caught all the little issues with Big Later — to be fair, it's grown to over 60 emails with multiple tracks, but the point stands. That said, if you can get it working and make use of those transitions... the payoff is definitely worth it. Video below (also linked in the EBC builder).

And as a reminder, these videos (and many more) are in the EBC builder.