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Chapter 3 was all about the emails. You learned about the various structural components of an email — key takeaways, body copy, progress trackers, and much more. Setting expectations goes a long way, and email affords us many opportunities to do just that! You also learned a few body copy strategies — some oriented around readability, others around voice. All important, all things that come more naturally with practice.

Writing is hard. Writing for an email-based course is especially challenging — but if you're like most of the folks who take this course, you weren't afraid to rip the bandaid off and get started.

You knew this was coming.

Send that email and hey, send the first draft too — it's fun to see the improvement.

That's all. I expect something in my inbox by sundown. Please use the subject line "Mastering the EBC - {Your Name}"

In this instance, please actually use your name and don't literally write “{Your Name}” — we did that joke already.

If you can't bring yourself to send me the email, just reply here with a quick hello and give me an update on how things are going. I really love hearing from people.

In the next email we're going to feed our inner no-coders. It's Tech Time on EBC radio, and I'm your host.