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Key Takeaways

  • To support your ability to build while you learn, I'm supplementing with Notion

  • Everything you need to project manage your course is in a tool called the EBC Builder

  • That’s where I'll house all the templates, video walkthroughs, and supporting resources

Hey there,

You probably noticed that handy little "Key Takeaways" section under the header. We're going deeper into structural devices that enhance the learner's experience in the next chapter, but here's a little preview: putting Key Takeaways at the top of emails sets the expectation for what the reader will learn.

Thus, the reader has a framework into which they can fit all the tasty snacks you put into the body copy. Our brains crave three things:

  • duration (how long is this gonna take)

  • path (what are we gonna learn), and

  • outcome (what happens once I know this stuff)

A Key Takeaway section supplemented by a little "Read Time" expectation setting is a nice little one-two punch (but with the opposite effect of getting punched in the face).

Let's talk about my failure to contain everything within email

As you already know, I'm using Notion to supplement this EBC on EBCs. Does that make me a bad person? Only to the people who love (loved?) Roam.

Given the various tools and techniques we're discussing, I thought it would be prudent to house the "accessories" in one, easy-to-navigate place. Email is a wonderful time capsule (and, in our case, a functioning classroom), but not a super-duper template manager + workspace.

Check out this video and then let's pop into the EBC Builder (click the button below) where you'll be able to make a copy for yourself.